Video: Octopus Covers Itself with ‘Armour’ to Escape Shark Attack


Blue Planet II outdid itself once again, and an octopus totally stole the show with a disappearing act you have to see.

This little showdown took place in the waters of South Africa, and you better not blink or you will surely miss the octopus’s disappearing act.

First, the documentary highlights the octopus’s skills as a hunter:

Then, we get to see how the animal reacts when it becomes the hunted:

This looks like some sort of underwater MMA move, but the octopus is essentially jamming its fist in the shark’s mouth to try and get away. 

The shark finally had enough of that, but was not ready to give up just yet. This is where things get good . . .

With one last effort, the octopus quickly gathers all the sea shells it can grab, and completely covers itself with them. The shark approaches, looking for a way to take a bite, and POOF . . . the octopus is gone.

Watch what happens:

Pretty slick right? It’s safe to say the internet gave it a standing ovation:

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