Michigan Man Murdered on Fishing Trip, Family Believes It was a Hate Crime


A Michigan man, who had been up North for a fishing trip, has been found dead with reports of a drug deal gone bad. However, the victim’s family seems to think the death was racially motivated.

Brodrick “Brock” Ward was found dead inside a rental house in Kalkaska, Michigan. He had been shot to death, and his family is left wondering what exactly happened.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Brock’s brother, Samuel Ward, received a call from Brock saying things in Kalkaska were “crazy.” He recalled his brother telling him that a resident from the area asked him what a black man from Inkster was doing up there.

“You never heard of Kalkaska? There are three Ks in Kalkaska for a reason,” the resident, according to Samuel, told Brock.

Brock also apparently informed his brother that the friend he traveled with, told him to “hide in the back room should his ‘racist’ friends come over. It was then that Brock called looking for a way out of Kalkaska.

That reportedly took place on November 17th, which was the last time the two brother spoke.

After several unanswered calls, Samuel headed north with two other family members in search for Brock.

Since finding his body, police have reportedly taken three people into custody, but have yet to be arraigned at this time. The sheriff’s office only shared the fact that they believe the crime to be drug related. Brock had a track record with drugs before this all happened, but his family insists that chapter of his life was over.

One thing in particular that stood out as odd to Samuel is what happened when the police arrived at the crime scene. Apparently, while the family was being questioned by police, a tan Yukon pulled into the driveway. The driver identified himself as the homeowner, and the officer told him to leave.

“They had all our IDs, our information down and that’s the homeowner! Why weren’t you questioning him?” Samuel recalled saying. “He would know everyone! Why are you letting him go?”

Authorities have since said that they’ve arrested a suspect. The man is 36-years-old and is from Wisconsin.

This is still a developing story, but the Free Press reports they contacted the Kalkaska County Sheriff’s office, and was declined any information.

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