Video: Interview With the Hunter Who Took the Biggest Whitetail of 2017


Is this Iowa whitetail the biggest deer taken during the 2017 deer season?

We’ve already seen a lot of big deer fall this season, but this Iowa buck might top all of them.

What’s even more impressive than the rack itself, is the story behind this giant. As you’ll hear in the video, Nick – the hunter who shot the deer – has already dealt with several false accusations of the deer being pen-raised, and even of him poaching the animal.

However, Nick clears the air, and explains how the stars aligned perfectly for him to take this buck. Check out the rack:

The bucks 24 scoreable points and gross score of 254 6/8 inches sky rockets this buck to the top of the list for big bucks taken in 2017.

In the  video below, you’ll meet the hunter who shot this deer, and learn his story of what happened on that once-in-a-lifetime hunt. (Be sure to turn up the Facebook video volume.)

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