Bowhunter Has Buck Decoy Shot by Gun Hunter During Firearm Deer Season


If you use a decoy when hunting whitetail deer, you definitely need to see this.

A bowhunter recently had a little too close of a call when he was hunting over his super realistic Montana Decoy, and he took to Facebook to share his experience.

The bowhunter who shared the post says he had the buck decoy set up only 11 yards in front of him . . . during an open gun season!

Sure enough, a gun hunter apparently came in, saw the faux deer and fired away. The bowhunter was lucky he wasn’t in the line of fire.

Warning: Hunters, decoys should be used only during archery-only seasons. And never place a decoy (buck or doe) within sight of a road. Why? Because most poachers do their dirty work from the seat of a car or truck. If there’s any chance another hunter might sneak into your ambush location, be sure to hunt from a treestand. At least you won’t be down on the decoy’s level in case someone takes a shot. Be careful out there!

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