A man in Topeka, Kansas is in the news after he’s been charged with 107 counts of bankruptcy fraud, six counts of money laundering, and one count of perjury. The reason we’re talking about it, has to do with the bankruptcy fraud charges.

See, of the 107 counts of fraud charges, cjonline reports 103 of those allegations have to do with the purchase of firearms.

Kent D. Lindemuth, 65, has been dealing with a bankruptcy case for over a year now. The FBI’s joint terrorism task force started keeping an eye on him since he began purchasing a lot of firearms from a particular gun shop.

In total, investigators believe Lindemuth purchased 2,166 firearms worth a value of $1.422 Million.

Lindemuth now finds himself faced with 103 counts of bankruptcy fraud in the purchase of 103 firearms, because he didn’t disclose them in his bankruptcy estate, according to court records.

As for the guns, they were all apparently very high quality, and some you might even recognize from the big screen.

The collection included a Colt Python .357-Magnum revolver – any “Walking Dead” fans will know this gun as Rick Grimes firearm of choice. It carries an estimated value of $1,750.

Also found in the collection, and perhaps Lindemuth’s favorite based on the number recovered, was the Smith & Wesson model 29. Like we said, Lindemuth must have had some kind of affinity for this model, because investigators found 74 of them in a storage locker.

There were a number of custom firearms, including a custom AR15 worth $2,300, and a custom Beretta shotgun valued at $3,400.

Investigators recovered 835 pistols, 929 revolvers, 253 rifles, 149 shotguns, and some of them were still loaded!

The court case started November 29th 2017 and is expected to last between five to ten days. 

Image courtesy Topeka Capital Journal Facebook

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