All eyes are on President Trump, as he is expected to make a historical announcement to significantly shrink Bears Ears National Monument, an iconic region of red rock canyons found in Utah.

According to the NY Times, the Trump Administration is expected to reduce the national monument by as much as 92% – which would be the largest reduction of a national monument ever, and it comes at a time when the fight for our public lands has never been more crucial.

Trump’s decision carries a significant amount of weight because it’s thought to be the first domino in line of a legal battle that could potentially open up millions of protected acres to become the sight of mining, logging, oil and gas extraction, along with other commercial plans.

Bears Ears isn’t the only monument under attack either. 

In a report assigned to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke by President Trump to “review 27 national monuments created since 1996,” Zinke reportedly proposed changes made to several boundaries surrounding those national monuments.

Americans from both parties are eagerly waiting for Trump’s announcement.

As for us, not much is more important than keeping our public lands public, so we too will be keeping a very close eye on this story as it develops.

Image courtesy Flickr

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