This bow and arrow trick shot will make your head spin, but watch carefully how he pulls it off.

A lot of people online have already called this video fake, but they’ve failed to notice one important detail, and we can confidently say this is 100% real.

Notice the guy is shooting an arrow with red fletchings, because in a second an arrow with blue fletchings is going to be fired at him, and he’s going to catch it. . .

Oh, we forgot to mention he’s doing all of this with a blindfold covering his eyes too!

Admittedly, watching a man attempt to snag an arrow out of mid air while blindfolded made us a little nervous. While he clearly had the timing down for this video, we can’t help but think of the close calls that came about while trying to learn that timing!

This probably took hours of practice, and should never be recreated at home. Safety first!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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