The newest Ridge Reaper film from Under Armour Hunt dropped today, and you should stop whatever it is you’re doing to watch it right now.

The video follows along with Cam Hanes and Joe Rogan, as they hit the mountains of Utah with their bows, and set off on an “epic” elk hunt.

Now, Cam even said so himself that he thinks the word “epic” gets thrown around too loosely, but when you watch this film, we think you’ll agree that “epic” fits the bill.

If you’ve been following Under Armour’s social media, they’ve been dishing out little sneak peeks of the film all week:

Turn up the volume to hear the Facebook videos

Without further delay, here is the newest Ridge Reaper film from Under Armour Hunt:

And for a behind-the-scenes look at the hunt, here’s Cam Hanes joining Joe Rogan on his podcast just days after they got back discussing everything they each got out of their adventure:

(Video contains language NSFW)

Image courtesy Facebook

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