Video: Best Football Highlight from the Weekend


Sure, everyone is thinking about Christmas, but many Americans also have football on the brain during December.

Now, depending on how you view the whole NFL situation with some players choosing to kneel, or protest in other manners, during the singing of our National Anthem, we simply wanted to point out our favorite football moment from this weekend — and it happened BEFORE the playing of a rivalry game between Army and Navy.

Check out this amazing pregame video produced by CBS Sports. To avoid playing the role of the spoiler, all we’ll say is simply watch and enjoy. One word — awesome.

Shortly thereafter, the combined choirs from Army and Navy sang a version of the National Anthem, in the driving snow no less, that won’t be soon forgotten (see below). We didn’t see anyone kneeling . . . did you?

Thank you to all members of the military — and their families — for their service and sacrifice.

P.S. The game turned out to be a good one, too. Click here for the wintery highlights.

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