Video: A Bear Ripped His Face Off and Now He’s Regrowing His Nose on His Arm


In terms of bizarre stories, this one has to rank near the very top.

In what sounds like a scene from the Hollywood blockbuster “The Revenant,” 61-year-old Lee Brooke, on This Morning, recalled the horrific bear attack that left him bloody, torn apart, and fighting for his life.

Based on what Lee says in the video, it sounds like he had walked in on a elk he had shot in the mountains of Wyoming, when a huge sow grizzly came in to claim the kill for herself.

Of course, standing between a hungry bear and a meal it wants is probably the last place you want to be.

Lee found that out the hard way. He had his face torn apart pretty bad, and when we say pretty bad, the bear ripped Lee’s nose clean off his face . . .

His wife recalled the moment she saw him for the first time since the attack, and says she could barely recognize him.

One year later, Lee appeared on This Morning in New York to share his unbelievable story about his mental and physical recovery.

The craziest part is that doctors were able to save his nose, and are preparing to reattach it . . . It’s currently regrowing ON HIS ARM! 

You have to hear this story:

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