Video: When You Get Home and You’re Greeted by Your Cougar


Here’s a cat video for you . . .

We’ve heard of having unusual wild pets before, but this might be taking things too far.

When this guy gets home after a long day, he’s instantly greeted by his pet cat, but what you should know is, his cat is enormous!

This is no ordinary kitten he has walking around the house. This guy actually has a pet cougar, and it greets him every time he walks in the door. Just look at the “kennel” he had built for this big cat, and yes, he does have a tree in his house so the cougar feels right at home.

We have to imagine he had the animal declawed, but take a look at that scratching post he has, too!

If having a cougar walk around your house doesn’t make your palms sweat enough, this guy lets the thing IN HIS BEDROOM! 

That’s a whole lot of “nope” for us.

Watch the video below:

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