Deer and Snowmobiles Don’t Mix; Here’s Proof


A man in Niagara, Canada, collided with a deer at high speeds, but it’s what he was riding that drew our attention to this story.

Deer get hit by cars and trucks every day. That’s not breaking news or anything, but this we don’t see that often . . .

That’s right, a buck jumped out in front of a snowmobile, and from the looks of it, the rider was pretty lucky to walk away from this one.

You think that’s bad, here’s how the deer ended up:

Based on what we can infer from the comments on the Facebook post, the rider wasn’t injured, however, the snowmobile he was riding is a different story.

We may have buried the lead here a bit, take a look at that awesome “tow-sled!” 

It’s taking a little attention away from the wrecked sled, but you can obviously see the devastating damage. Here’s another shot:

The question that came up in the comments for this post is: Would you mount this buck? Some say “sure, it makes for a good story anyways,” but others say “if you didn’t shoot it, it’s not worthy of the wall.”

What would you do?

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