Video: Man Rigs 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Trap to Stop Package Thieves


A man in Seattle, Washington, came up with his own anti-theft device for deterring thieves from stealing packages off his front porch. If you’re having a similar problem, pay attention, because this little trap appears to be foolproof.

The man rigged up a device he calls “The Blank Box,” and it’s sure to scare the pants off of anybody looking to quickly nab a package off your porch.

First, he gets an ordinary empty box. Next, he rigs the empty box with some fishing line and a 12 gauge shotgun blank, and it’s on.

Judging by the reactions of those who attempt to swipe this sinister little package, we doubt they’ll try that again!

Watch the hilarious reactions in the video below; be sure to turn up the volume of the Facebook video for best viewing.

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