Video: More Muslim Americans are Learning to Use Guns for Personal Protection


In today’s world, threats and attacks against Muslim-Americans have reached an all-time high.

The video in this article follows along with Fusion’s Dan Lieberman as he spends time with two Syrian-American families who are concerned about the negative public view on a legally armed Muslim.

The first part of the video visits a Florida gun shop owner, Andy Hallinan, who declared on a viral YouTube video, that his shop and all concealed carry classes run by his shop are officially a “Muslim-free zone.”

The video tapped into a national conversation that officials are still discussing to this day.

“What about Muslims who are scared, how do Muslims protect themselves?” Hallinan is asked in the video.

“With a different gun store,” he replied.

“I’m shooting you, and I’m killing you,” Nezar Hamze, a law enforcement officer, told a crowd at a Central Florida mosque as part of an active shooter training course. “Everyone is just looking at what I’m doing, and I’m still shooting you,” Hamze said as he waved two plastic guns around the room.

The intense scene is intended to shock the worshipers in attendance, because Officer Hamze says it’s important now, more than ever, for Muslims in America to be aware of their vulnerability.

So, the questions remain: What are Muslim Americans supposed to do? And how far will hateful political rhetoric go?

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