Video: How Could Anyone Resist a Mini Golf Ball Cannon?


Demolition Ranch and I appear to share a similar general rule when it comes to firearms: If it goes ‘bang’ then we want to shoot it. In Matt’s case, however, he has a little more experience in shooting out-there firearms . . .

Now, whether Matt enjoys playing golf as much as I do is beyond my realm of knowledge, but when he brought out a golf ball cannon to his homemade range, my ears definitely perked up.

After hearing Matt’s reasoning behind buying this thing, you just have to laugh at what goes through his head while he’s at the gun shop.

With that said, let’s see if this golf ball cannon would actually get you through a zombie apocalypse: 

That small cannon packs a punch!

It appears to do significant damage, but accuracy is the big question mark here. In terms of defending against zombies, we’re sure Matt has other guns tucked away somewhere he’d rather reach for.

As a golf nerd though, I’m dying to blast this thing off and run some Trackman numbers to see what kind of ball speed it can generate!

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