DNR Offers Free Lifetime Hunting License for Killing Tagged Coyotes in Bounty Program


As incentive to reduce overall coyote numbers in the state, South Carolina DNR officials have announced an official bounty hunt on coyotes, and killing one could earn you a free lifetime hunting license.

According to ABC News 4, DNR officers made the announcement Wednesday, saying that the South Carolina General Assembly in 2016 and 2017 gave DNR approval to tag and release 16 coyotes around the state.

The South Carolina DNR website says that coyotes first appeared in the state in 1978, but are now found in all parts of SC. They also report the animals were illegally imported into the state for hound running, and eastern migration of coyotes has also resulted in their natural expansion throughout SC.

Anyone who kills one of these tagged coyotes needs to save the carcass for verification, because they are automatically eligible for a complimentary lifetime hunting license in SC.

So far, eight of the 16 tagged coyotes from last year have been reported, meaning there are 24 tagged coyotes still out there.

Good luck! 

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