TV Host Receives Death Threats for Posting Pictures After Successful Mountain Lion Hunt


Steve Ecklund, a Canadian TV personality, has taken some heat recently on social media after posting photos of himself after a successful mountain lion hunt.

Ecklund, who’s host of the outdoor show The Edge, posted a photo of himself with the massive lion he killed in Alberta, BBC reports:

While the hunt was completely legal, the photos of him next to the animal sparked outrage online. Even the wife of Canada’s former prime minister got involved in a little Twitter rant where she came to the genius conclusion that “Someone must be compensating for something,” she wrote.

Those are pretty harsh words . . . aren’t Canadians supposed to be nice?

As you can imagine, the hunting community has surrounded Steve with positive messages, and have been endlessly defending him on the hunt. But of course, some folks have to blow things out of proportion, thus resulting in death threats being sent to Ecklund and his family.

Here are some of the messages you might read in the comments, the good and the bad:

“Congrats Steve!! Amazing job on predator control!!! Imagine if this animal would have gotten a hold of a small child..all the haters would be asking ‘why wasn’t this taken care of?’. . . Congrats Sir,” one user wrote.

Another chimed in:

“Keep up the hunts Steve. Anti’s will never understand what conservation and management actually means.”

And then you get the ugly comments:

“I can’t wait for the moment someone puts a bullet in your head and carves your body up for meat you piece of ******* ****!!!!!”

Ecklund doesn’t seem too fazed about all of it. In fact, it looks like he’s eating a good meal after a hard hunt. Here are more photos:

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