Throwback Thursday Video: The Strange but True Tale of a Trophy Buck Named ‘Dodger’


Like you, each fall I’m amazed by the size of some whitetails killed by hunters in the U.S. and Canada. That said, it’s those stories of “man vs. buck” where the hunter has a long history with a particular deer that interest me the most.

Case in point: While watching my local public broadcasting channel during lunch recently, the half-hour show “Prairie Sportsman” caught my eye, namely because they teased a story about a bowhunter in western Minnesota, my home state. This avid archer had played a chess match for a couple years with a wary buck he named “Dodger.” As the story unfolded, I mentally made a note: “I have to write this up for OHUB.” Thankfully, I later found the story/video on YouTube, so I’m able to share it here.

The bowhunter featured in the segment is Chris Aasland, and he does a remarkable job self-filming his various deer hunts. And at the risk of playing the role of spoiler, let me tell you that this story has a few twists and turns. You see, Chris isn’t the only hunter who has a close-call with Dodger — but that’s all I’ll say for now. Watch and enjoy.

P.S. In the follow-up segment below, Chris describes in great deal the camera setup he uses to self-film his deer hunts. If this is something you’d like to attempt, be sure to listen to his outstanding advice.

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