Video: Can You Spot the Rookie Mistake this Shooter Makes While Firing a .50 Caliber Pistol?


When you hand somebody a pistol that’s capable of shooting a .50 caliber bullet, you certainly hope they know how to handle it with more care than this guy.

First of all, we could come up with jokes about the gun itself all day long, but we’ll put the fact that it looks like some kind of extraterrestrial ray gun aside for the time being.

What’s really eye opening about this video is the lack of safety the shooter practices after he loads the gun. Get a pen and a count all the safety violations you see in this video; we’ll be here with our faces buried in our hands. (Be sure to turn up the volume in the Facebook video for best viewing.) 

That was pretty rough, and it becomes more and more clear as the video goes on that this guy’s experience with guns is fairly minimal – did you notice he appears to forget hearing protection in one ear? That’s a rookie mistake if we’ve ever seen one!

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