Video: Remembering Legendary Whitetail Photographer/Writer/Hunter Charles Alsheimer


On Dec. 30, 2017, I lost a friend, and the entire deer hunting community lost one of its greatest ambassadors, Charles Alsheimer.

Anyone who loves whitetails and whitetail hunting has marveled over one of Charlie’s amazing deer photos. And chances are good that sometime during the past 40 years you’ve read one of his many informative articles detailing whitetail behavior, and specifically Quality Deer Management.

The video below, from our friends at Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine/TV, is the first of a five-part series in tribute to Charlie, who spent more than 38 years as a field editor for Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine and host of D&DH-TV.

Charlie was a true icon in the whitetail community, but more importantly, he was a wonderful person.

I’ll miss you, buddy.

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