7-Year-Old Girl Attacked by Pet Dogs; DNA Test Results Indicate Former Family Dog is Actually a Wolf Hybrid


A 7-year-old girl in Michigan has recovered after two of her family’s pet dogs attacked her, sending her to the hospital with deep bite wounds to her neck and trachea.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Rocky (an animal not involved in the incident) was one of four dogs surrendered by the family after the attack, and the two that bit her were killed. One (Luna) was shot by the girl’s father, and the other (Woody) was euthanized by animal control.

These weren’t your average canines though . . .

Oakland County Animal Control reportedly collected tissue samples from Rocky, and of course both dogs involved in the attack, for DNA testing to determine if there was some underlying factor involved, and the tests came back positive for wolf hybrids.

Animal control supervisor, Ron Shankin, stated that of the two dead dogs, only one was tested to determine breed.

“We have tissue samples if we choose to (DNA) test Luna later,” he said.

Neither dog tested positive for rabies, but both Woody and Rocky “were identified by the lab to have wolf genetic contribution that meets our laboratory threshold for reporting a hybrid.”

It’s against Michigan law to own a wolf hybrid.

Oakland County Animal Control is now exploring their options of sending Rocky to an out-of-state animal sanctuary, however, the possibility of euthanizing the wolf/dog isn’t out of the question.

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