Mangy Coyote Attacks Homeowner’s Dog; Wildlife Officers Euthanize Animal


Tennessee wildlife officers were called in to assist with a mangy coyote after it attacked a homeowner’s Great Pyrenees dog in their yard.

According to the Facebook post, the owners were able to trap and keep the coyote between a door and carport until officers arrived, and they could tell right away something wasn’t right with this coyote.

It suffered excessive hair loss, appeared severely malnourished, and had apparently lost its fear of humans; officers ultimately decided to euthanize the animal.

The homeowner’s Great Pyrenees didn’t sustain any injuries.

“TWRA urges those who feed their pets outside to take necessary precautions to prohibit wildlife from eating the pet’s food. A good rule to follow is don’t leave your pet’s foot out for extended periods of time, especially overnight. Once your pet is finished eating, remove the food to prohibit unwanted wildlife visitors coming to your yard.”

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