Video: Confused Mountain Lion has Priceless Reaction After Stalking a Deer Decoy


A deer decoy had a mountain lion really confused, and its reaction is priceless.

Normally, when a mountain lion puts a stalk on a deer, the prey runs like hell, forcing the predator to chase it through the woods. That’s typically how these meetings go for these two animals, but not in this video.

Here, you’ll see a mountain lion creep up on a deer decoy, and pounce into the field expecting the deer to take off. But when the deer doesn’t budge, you can see the look of confusion on the lion’s face like, “Dude, this is the part where you run away,” but the decoy stays put.

On a personal level, I can totally relate to the lion’s reaction, because this is a spitting image of me the first time I discovered, and approached vegan lunch meat . . .

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