Photo of an Inuk Boy Who Killed a Seal With His Hockey Stick is SO Canadian


Meanwhile up north . . . a photo of an Inuk boy holding a hockey stick in one hand and a seal in the other, might be the most Canadian thing we see all year.

Ryder Aviogana, residing from Kugluqtug, Nunavut, is the boy pictured in the viral photo that CBC Nunavut shared on its Facebook page, and his uncle Liam, couldn’t be happier. ‘He makes me really proud to be his uncle!’ he wrote in the description of the photo:

“He must have an awesome slap shot,” one user wrote in the comments on Facebook.

“Now that’s Canadian!!” added another.

Most of the feedback on CBC Nunavut’s Facebook post has been supportive like this, but then of course there’s the other side:

“Anyone else horrified a child killed an animal with a hockey stick?” someone asked on Reddit.

Many people were quick to jump in and point out that seal hunting is a very important Inuit tradition, and indigenous people living in Canada have a constitutionally-protected right to hunt marine mammals, “as long as the harvest is consistent with conservation needs,” Fisheries and Oceans Canada states.

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