Dead Foot Arms Posts Photos of New G-Rex Telescoping Brace


The team over at Dead Foot Arms gave everybody a sneak preview via Instagram of a new product they are releasing in 2018.

The G-Rex Telescoping brace with Gear Head Works Mod 1 Tailhook.

This unique design is totally adjustable with five different preset positions, and it works with most bufferless pistols featured on the market today. And for those wondering “What if I already have a Mod 1 Tailhook brace?” no worries, the G-Rex will also be available without it.

Right now, there’s no word on MSRP for these, but keep on eye out on for them to release more details.

Here’s an excerpt from a Facebook post on Dead Foot Arms Facebook page:

“Pre-Orders for the brace will be opening within the next 30 days with anticipated availability of Spring 2018. If you already own a Tailhook, the telescoping receiver extension will also be offered as a stand alone purchase. 

Compatible for use with our MCS AR-15 Folding Stock Adaptor, AK-Platform, Kriss Vector, SIG MPX/MCX, Robinson XCR, among other bufferless systems. Features 5 adjustable length of pull presets, and button free telescoping deployment. 
Technical specifications and pricing publishing on our website very soon.”

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