Video: Game Warden Shoots Off Bull Elk’s Antlers to Free it from Electric Fence


A bull elk in Oklahoma found itself in a situation we’ve seen plenty of times before, but it’s how the bull was set free that got us here. 

Oklahoma Game Warden Josey Branch had a real sticky situation on his hands when he responded to a call of an elk tangled in a fence in Kiowa County. When he arrived on scene, he discovered a 5×5 elk caught up in an electric fence, a cotton bale tarp, AND barbed-wire fencing . . . Warden Branch really caught this bull on a bad day.

After a quick assessment of the situation, Branch determined the best way of freeing the elk given the circumstances. (Be sure to turn up the volume on the video below for best viewing.)

Branch stands as close to the elk as he can without putting himself in danger, takes careful aim with his handgun, and carefully shoots both antlers above the bases to prevent injury. The elk was free and made his escape to live another day.

Good work, sir!

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