Handgun Video: World Champion Shooter Rob Leatham Drops the Mic on the 9mm vs. .45 Power Debate


9mm vs. .45?

Kinetic energy vs. momentum?

Ginger vs. Mary Ann?

Okay, Team Springfield shooter Rob Leatham doesn’t weigh in on the deserted island question, but in the video below, he does settle the debate on which cartridge is most powerful, 9mm or .45.

As for “why does his opinion matter?” qualifications, Rob’s resume speaks for itself — he’s a 30-time USPSA/IPSC National Champion, an eight-time IPSC World Champion, and an 11-time NRA Bianchi Cup Champion. When he’s not competing, Rob provides firearm instruction for various law enforcement agencies (federal, state and local), as well as the U.S. military.

In other words, Rob knows a thing or two about handguns and their effectiveness, both on targets and bad guys.

Watch the video below and learn from the best. Period.

Viewing tip: Because the steel targets Rob is shooting have recently been painted white, you can see the bullet impact marks if you watch closely. It’s even easier if you hit the “full screen” option on the bottom-right corner of the video frame. The man can flat out shoot, which is no surprise, but still cool to witness. His final two shots land on top of each other. Amazing!

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