New England Patriots’ James Harrison Shows Off Customized “Deebo” Draco on Instagram


Here’s something New England Patriots linebacker, James Harrison, will likely have to answer for as he and his team prepares for the AFC Championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday: The newly acquired, hard-hitting linebacker posted a photo on Instagram showing a new Draco that appears to be customized specifically for him.

“That new Deebo Draco,” Harrison wrote in the photo’s caption. The semiautomatic firearm boasts both Harrison’s jersey number, 92, and his personal “Deebo” brand logo, which is Harrison’s nickname.


That new Deebo Draco💯🔥

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Harrison has always been a fan of firearms. He reportedly once told Men’s Journal in an extensive interview, that he believes the best way to end campus shootings is to arm the teachers and students. ESPN later slammed Harrison for his remarks, and said a photo of James posing shirtless with two guns is, “a ridiculous image for kids to see.”

Harrison’s new firearm purchase was not popular on some folks, however, 2A enthusiasts marveled at his selection.

“Oh my God, you are practicing your 2nd amendment, snowflake passes out!” one user wrote.

“Don’t think you should be posting guns on social media, but hey it’s your right so congrats, I guess.”



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