BREAKING NEWS: The Franklin Armory Reformation Has Straight Rifling and Shoots Footballs


Now that we finally know how Franklin Armory got the ATF to approve their we have even more questions.

They found a loophole which allowed them to build the barrel with straight rifling which avoids the classification as a pistol or rifle. This allows the gun to shoot a claimed 4 MOA with standard ammunition. What’s really intriguing are the new NERF football shaped projectiles which they are launching with the gun. These projectiles can be loaded in standard 5.56/.223 cases, and according the Franklin they bring the accuracy to 1 MOA at 100 yards. 

This is a pretty interesting concept, but having to buy proprietary ammo to shoot accurately seems like a problematic trade-off for not having a tax stamp. We will reserve judgment until we see some more extensive testing done. Prices are the same as the rest of their models and it’s available with or without the binary trigger. 

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