SHOT Show 2018 Quiz: Guess the Price on this Set of 4 Perazzi Shotguns


One of my must-see booth visits during SHOT Show is Perazzi. As you can see in the photo above, the company puts some of its finest shotgun on display, and for many years at SHOT I’ve been amazed at two things: 1) the beauty/craftsmanship on these over-and-unders; 2) that no one from Perazzi is standing guard over the guns to ensure someone with butterfingers doesn’t grab, aim and then fumble one of the firearms to the floor.

Yes, there’s a sign instructing you to ask for assistance if you’d like to handle one of the guns, but the shotguns aren’t behind glass; they aren’t even attached in some way to the display stand. Heck, where I’m from (near Minneapolis, where almost everyone is “Minnesota nice”) the sporting goods stores wire their high-end baseball gloves to the wall with cables to guarantee that someone doesn’t try the five-finger discount.

So, pretend you’re in the Showcase Showdown of the “Price Is Right,” and your one and only prize is this set of four Perazzi extra-grade, game shotguns (12, 20, 28 and 410) from master engraver L. Galeazzi. Without going over in price, what is your bid?

Here’s another pic to help you with your guess. As you can see, these guns are works of art. Period.

Do you have a number in mind? Okay then, the actual retail price for this set of four Perazzi shotguns is shown below.

Can you believe it? Yes, each shotgun goes for nearly $100,000. And a soft recoil pad? I guess that costs extra.

P.S. If you want to learn more about Perazzi game shotguns, click here.

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