Video: Palmetto State Armory Debuts Their PSAK-556 and PSAK-9 at SHOT Show 2018


Palmetto State Armory brought a lot of excitement with them to SHOT Show 2018.  Two of the guns we got to shoulder while we were hanging out at the PSA booth were their new AK’s chambered in 9mm and 5.56.

They called them it the PSAK-9 and the PSAK-556, and after a brief discussion with the rep at the booth, it sounds like they have a lot planned for this platform, including a model with a folding stock, as well as a smaller pistol version. The PSAK-556 accepts AR Mags which is really nice if you have a bunch of PMags and 5.56 laying around. 

It should be noted that Definitive Arms were the ones who originally started toying with this platform, so it was exciting to see how far PSA ran with the concept.

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