Video: SITKA Gear Debuts Their Highly Anticipated Line of Delta Waders at SHOT Show 2018


We stopped by the Sitka booth at SHOT Show to see what gear the team has been working on lately, and they gave us a run down of their highly anticipated line of Delta Waders. 

Below is a video with more details. Right now, Sitka says they plan on shipping orders out within the next few months:


  • 5 years research, dev, testing
  • 4-Layer GORE-TEX laminate
  • Lacrosse boots w/ Aeroform injection-molded insulation
  • OPTIFADE Timber and Marsh patterns (both patterns can be viewed in the photo below)

Delta Waders

  • Complete head-to-toe, skin-to-shell system for SITKA Waterfowl hunters
  • Most Versatile – non-bulky to respond well to layers
    • Warm – frigid temperatures
  • Longest Lasting
    • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty – issue outside your control
      • Seam Failure
      • Leaking Seam Separating Zipper
      • Boot Seperation
      • Seam Tape Issue
      • Any Stitching issues
      • Delamination Issues
    • Fully Serviceable – wear and tear replaceable at reasonable cost
      • Boots are replaceable 
      • Neoprene is replaceable 
      • Zipper is replaceable 
      • All material is workable for patches or tape
      • Suspenders can be lengthened or replaced
      • All seams can be replaced and re-taped
      • Pockets can be re-stitched if torn out
    • Field Repairable
      • Pin Hole Leaks 
      • Small Tears & Cuts
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