Humane Society CEO Under Investigation for Sexual Harassment Allegations


An internal investigation has reportedly ensued after multiple complaints have been filed against Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle.

The investigation is ongoing, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy – where the investigation was first reported – says it’s being run by Grace Speights, who is in charge of labor and employment practice at the law firm Morgan Lewis.

Speights reportedly interviewed 33 people including Pacelle, and found there was a consistent perception withing the non-profit organization that certain high-level women owed their career success to romantic relations with Mr. Pacelle.

Pacelle has since denied the allegations in an interview with The Washington Post. “This is a coordinated attempt to attack me and the organization,” the CEO claimed. “I absolutely deny any suggestion that I did anything untoward.”

As we’ve seen with these cases, there’s often a very low level of tolerance for such allegations – regardless of how strenuously one denies them.

Reports of settlements being tossed around have also added to the muddiness in this investigation, and Parcelle has reportedly denied to comment on any such settlement offers.

We’ll keep an eye on this developing story, and let you know if anything strange comes of it in the near future.

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