Man Alerts Authorities After Finding His Hunting Dogs Poisoned to Death


A man in Jayess, Mississippi, has alerted authorities after discovering four of his hunting dogs and one he was keeping for a friend had died after they reportedly ingested poisoned meat.

Andy May is an avid hunter, and he owns a number of hunting dogs. On Wednesday evening, Clarion Ledger reports Andy took 12 dogs out to hunt rabbits. By Friday morning, 4 of the 12 dogs he ran with were found dead.

“When I found the first two, I was saying ‘Oh, no! Oh, no!’ And then I went to the pen where my buddy was and hoping to see he would come to the gate, but he didn’t. He was dead,” Andy recalled. “I’m just heartbroken.”

In a desperate act to find out who or why his dogs had been poisoned, Andy posted pictures of the dead dogs on Facebook

Andy’s dogs – Buckeye, Scooter, Fred and Easy Money – were all beagles between the ages of 2 and 3 years old. They were trained to hunt rabbits, and Andy says they were easily worth over $2,500.

Tragically, the dog Andy was watching for a friend was in the cage with the other dogs, and died as well.

“I’ve had hunting dogs for 30, 35 years,” he said. “This is the first time anything ever happened like this, I have never had to deal with this before . . . they couldn’t speak for themselves, so I thought I had to speak up.”

Officials with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks are investigating the dogs’ deaths, and one can only hope they are able to track whomever is responsible so they can be brought to justice.

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