Video: Taran Tactical Sponsored Shooter, Who Said Government Should Take Away Guns, Cut


You’ve seen video from Taran Butler’s gun range here on OutdoorHub several times before. He’s a prominent 3-Gun shooter, and has offered his expertise behind the trigger to the likes of multiple movie stars, including Keanu Reeves and Michelle Rodriquez.

Obviously, Taran Butler has made a fortune investing in the support of Second Amendment-loving gun owners, so when one of his sponsored shooters made some controversial remarks in an interview with Glamour magazine, it required swift action.

Rochelle Hathaway, along with several other women, were interviewed at this year’s SHOT Show, where they were asked to share their opinions on guns. During the interview, Hathaway ended up making some unfortunate comments, and even suggested the government should take away all guns to keep us safe . . .

Here’s an excerpt from Glamour magazine’s interview with Rochelle:

What do you say to people who question the value of a private citizen owning a gun?

I think that if there were less guns, there would be less shootings, period. If the government came in and decided to take the guns away, I wouldn’t be mad about it. I think it’s important to be able to feel safe in your home, but you don’t need more than three guns. You don’t need to own a semiautomatic weapon or a silencer.

When mass shootings or school shootings happen—like the one this week—does it ever make you rethink your position?

Going to the Second Amendment, I don’t think they had AK-47s and everything else in mind [when they imagined] the right to bear arms and protecting yourself. At SHOT show, you can kind of see how much it’s evolved into thousands and thousands of people dumping millions and millions of dollars into the industry . . . I guess I’d say it’s almost unfortunate people think that they need so much.

The article has, of course, been a big hit among anti-gun activists, who have already began pointing the finger at Taran Butler and attempted to make it look like he supports his employee’s anti-2A opinions.

In likely fashion, Taran Tactical has since terminated its ties with Ms. Hathaway, and released the following statement on Facebook:

We were surprised to see an article recently published in a beauty magazine quoting a promotional model and friend of our company, Rochelle Hathaway, who made certain impromptu statements to a reporter during Shot Show.

We were unaware of the interview and we did not condone the interview or the statements made by Rochelle. Rochelle has never been authorized to speak on behalf of our company or its founder, Taran Butler. As of today, we have cut all professional ties with Rochelle.

While we respect everyone’s right to free speech, Rochelle’s statements were inappropriate and do not represent our company’s vision and beliefs. We have and will always support Second Amendment rights, and we will continue to educate and promote the safe, legal ownership and handling of firearms.

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