Video: Coyote Rescued After Spending 10 Days with Head Stuck in Plastic Jar


A coyote in California became a top target for wildlife officials because it had been seen wandering around with its head stuck inside a plastic jar.

According to Fox 40, several volunteers assisted in trapping the elusive animal, which took 10 days to accomplish – pretty fascinating when you consider how hampered the animal must have been with a plastic jar covering its head!

“She was unable to eat,” claimed Greg Grimm of Gold Country Wildlife Rescue in Auburn. “We believe she may have had limited amounts, very small amounts, of water because she was witnessed taking her whole head and putting it underwater in a stream.”

Like we said before, it took 10 days of searching before a team located the coyote, and they finally got an opportunity to sneak up on it and capture it.

A volunteer was reportedly able to grab the young female coyote by her hind legs, a move we definitely wouldn’t recommend on any other ‘yote. “But in this case, because she couldn’t bite them because she had this [jar] on her head, it was a fairly safe situation,” Grimm said.

The volunteers were able to safely transfer the coyote to Cool Veterinary Hospital, where the plastic container was cut and removed. She is now being watched and under the care of Gold Country Wildlife Rescue.

As long as her recovery is smooth sailing from here, officials say she can be released back into the wild when she is fully recovered.

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