Video: Teenage Girl Films Rabid Coyote Attacking the Family’s Car


A man in North Carolina, John Schroter, was driving home with his daughters in the car when they encountered an aggressive coyote meandering through their neighborhood.

According to Daily Mail, 18-year-old Hannah Schroter quickly got out her cellphone and began filming right before the chilling moment that’s earned the video 45,000 views on Facebook.

Here’s what John wrote as a caption for the post on his Facebook page:

Saw a [most likely] rabid coyote in my neighborhood tonight. I was trying to scare it off from attacking the neighbor’s dogs and let it return to nature. But then it turned, bared its bloody teeth and attacked my car. So I called 911. After the description of the situation they decided to dispatch. I hope they are able to kill/capture this aggressive coyote before it attacks a person. The neighbor was able to get her dogs safely inside her house. @ Huntersville, North Carolina

John also provided updates on the coyote after alerting authorities:

** UPDATE 2/4/18 – word on the street is the Huntersville Police Department successfully tracked and killed the coyote last night – just a couple blocks from where I called it in.

** UPDATE 2/6/18 – After being sent to Raleigh for testing, the coyote tested positive for rabies. If any of you or your pets have had direct contact, including saliva, take appropriate action right away. None of us touched my bumper, and the rain on Sunday washed it off.

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