Video: Check Out this Awesome Portable Campfire from Radiate


Okay, so the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank liked the idea of Radiate Campfires, and we want to know what you think?

Radiate Campfires are the world’s best portable campfires for their sleek design that provides you with 3 – 5 hours of non-toxic burn time. Incorporating 100 percent recycled soy wax and 100 percent recycled paper pulp, Radiate Portable Campfires are extremely convenient, AND they’re designed to be waterproof!

The guys with Radiate Portable Campfires were able to strike a huge deal with Robert Herjavec, who they hope can help throw a little gasoline on their fire.


Lighting a campfire has never been so simple 🔥

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We love the idea, especially for the convenience factor, but we’re really excited about their other products too . . . they have a few additional “flavors” they haven’t released yet, including one that repels mosquitoes – that one in particular was intriguing to us. 

According to a post on Instagram, Mr. Herjavec advised that they hold off on the additional Radiates until closer to summer, so we’ll keep an eye out for a release date on those:

Here’s a video that demonstrates how these cool portable fires work:

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