New Film from YETI: Pursuing Blue Sheep in Nepal at 18,000 Feet!


Fact: If you want to experience new cultures — and really live — then you must escape your comfort zone. Cole Kramer does exactly that in this latest film from YETI, titled simply “A Hunt.”

The YouTube description for this film sums it up well: Cole Kramer was ready to take on one of the hardest mountain hunts in the world — brutal elements and all. But it wasn’t just the trophy-sized blue sheep that drove him there, it was the hunt for the entire experience — the arduous journey, the unique culture, and the incredible people he’d meet along the way.

 As a longtime guide in Alaska and elsewhere, Kramer is certainly in shape, but he learns firsthand that keeping up with his guide is no simple task. Kramer is pushed to the limits, and while he’s eventually successful in tagging an old ram, it’s the memories of the people that he’ll cherish most. Check it out below.

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