Vista Outdoor Says Price Increase on Ammo Coming in April


Vista Outdoor claims for a second time this year that ammo prices will increase as the industry moves toward a “rational and disciplined approach” to generating more sales.

Chief Executive Officer Christopher Metz said in a meeting with investors, that the company plans to raise prices on certain products sometime in April.

“I think some are a little bit slower to it than we’d like to see,” he said. “It’s impossible for me to see how competitors are not going to take price increases. They’re going to have to.”

Vista is home for several firearm, and ammunition companies, including Federal Premium, Savage Arms, Speer, and the list continues . . .

Metz remains optimistic, however, and showed little sign of worry about the impact of a price increase.

“We are putting forward price increases that we think are realistic and so far what we’ve seen from buying behavior is no real change,” he said.

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