Alleged Poacher in South Africa Mauled to Death by Pride of Lions


A poacher in South Africa has reportedly been attacked, killed and eaten by a pride of lions at a private game reserve.

According to the Daily Mail article, the man was attempting to poach lions at the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in Hoedspruit near Phalaborwa. Multiple reports of screams were heard from the man as he was being attacked, but the lions made quick work of their victim, and devoured most of his body before being disrupted by authorities.

At first, it was believed the victim was an employee of the Nature Preserve. But when the man they thought it was turned up alive, authorities came to the conclusion he may have been a poacher with sinister intentions . . .

Police in Limpopo have since contacted the Department of Home Affairs to assist in identifying the man, but with only his head remaining after the brutal attack, it becomes a much taller task.

The first clue that authorities might be dealing with a poacher, were the two .456 rifles found at the scene – the apparent weapon of choice for many big game poachers.

A wildlife photographer, Charlie Lynham, who lives nearby the reserve, was at the gates moments after the alarm was raised. He weighed in on the situation, saying:

“I cannot say if it was poachers as the matter is under investigation, but that is their weapon of choice and they usually work in groups of three and work under cover of darkness. Two sets of footprints have been found running away and obviously the dead and eaten man.”

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