U.S. Military Updates FBI’s Background Check System With Over 4,000 Prohibited Former Service Members


In the months since ex-airman Devin Kelley opened fire in a Sutherland Springs, Texas church, the U.S. Military has reportedly added more than 4,000 names of dishonorably discharged military members to a national background check system.

You probably recall this horrific attack and the disturbing facts that arose afterwards, which revealed that the Air Force failed to submit Kelley’s court records to the FBI’s background check system; he had previously been in court for assaulting his wife and stepson back in 2012, and should have been banned from purchasing a firearm.

To fix this troubling issue, the Department of Defense has worked diligently to update the FBI’s background check system. According to The Hill, this effort has weeded out 4,284 names that need to be updated in the FBI’s background check system.  

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