Video: The CEO of Trout Unlimited Did NOT Approve of Jeep’s Super Bowl Commercial


Jeep caught some backlash from Trout Unlimited for a commercial they ran during the 2018 Super Bowl, which shows one of its Jeep Wranglers driving through a stream.

Chris Wood, the CEO of Trout Unlimited, a non-profit organization focused on the conservation of aquatic habitats, was not too pleased when he saw the commercial titled “The Anti-Manifesto.” He was so upset, that he penned a letter to Jeep expressing how he believed the ad to be irresponsible, and that driving straight upstream of a river is bad conservation practice.

Jeep Commercial
Courtesy Scribd

In Jeep’s defense, a disclaimer appeared on the ad, which read: “This video was filmed on a man-made lake and man-made waterfall. The video was filmed on private land in the Southwest and the water does not flow to another natural body of water. The waterfall was also man-made for purposes of filming.”

Here is the ad, what do you think?:

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