Video: You Won’t Believe What Mossy Oak’s Toxey Haas Does for Ducks


Mossy Oak Founder Toxey Haas (above) certainly needs no introduction. And while we’re sure it’s no surprise to you that Toxey is obsessed with hunting just about anything, anywhere, we think you’ll be surprised to see firsthand the lengths he’ll go to improve the duck habitat on his property.

This video, which is part of the Mossy Oak “The Obsessed” series, begins with a July planting. But trust us on this one — it’s a “you have to see it to believe it” seed-to-soil operation. We’re not going to play the role of spoiler; watch and see for yourself.

FYI: Mossy Oak is the official camo of Ducks Unlimited, so it makes sense that conservation is central to everything they do at Mossy Oak, and their commitment to birds and their habitat is demonstrated in this video. Planting and preparing for winter duck hunting requires time and work in the heat of summer, but as hunting season approaches, the fruit of that labor pays off.

Toxey’s obsession has evolved from just hunting waterfowl, to putting in all the work beforehand to simply have ducks on his land. “I’ve become more obsessed as a gamekeeper than with hunting,” he said. “The point is to hunt and take people hunting, but without being a gamekeeper first, nothing happens.”

Watch and enjoy.

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