Video: 22Plinkster Finds Out How Many Tide Pods a .22LR Will Go Through


Finally, someone did something with these Tide Pods that we can actually get behind!

This whole Tide Pod challenge epidemic thing has gone way to far, and it’s about time someone finally pulled off the “proper challenge.”

Folks, leave it to 22plinkster to know what to do with these things. He pulled off what we’ve been wanting to do since we first saw some moron stuff one of these laundry detergent packs in their mouth; he shot a bunch of them to see how many a .22LR can make it through.

Here’s the video:

Again people, for the love of Fred Bear, please stop eating laundry detergent packs! What’s next? Putting deer urine in chewing tobacco?

Oh wait . . . somebody already did that.

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