Video: Man Claims to Hit 405-Yard Potential World Record Archery Shot


Okay all you loyal OHub readers, take a look at this archery shot and see what you think . . .

The man claims that he hit a target with his bow and arrow from 405 yards away – a new world record – but as far as we know, this impressive world record shot has gone unverified at this time:

Impressive, but you have to wonder if he started at sunrise . . .

Recall Matt Stutzman, (aka The Armless Archer) we’ve covered his deadly accurate shooting abilities before on Outdoorhub, and a quick search on Google shows that he currently holds the Guiness World Record for Longest Archery Shot.

World record or not, shooting arrows in the dark looks pretty cool, right?! Well then, check out what the Hushin and MTN OPS guys just did at the Western Hunting Conservation Expo. They call it “Glow ‘N’ Arrow”:

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