Video: Brave Dog Barely Escapes Wolf Pack


Video showing a pack of wolves nearly chasing down a brave dog is all the motivation you need to get through this week.

The video was posted to Facebook by an Italian man by the name of Paolo Forconi, who said he witnessed the incredible scene in Aubruzzo, Italy. The video shows a pack of at least three wolves surround a small dog, and chase it, managing to get a couple bites in before the dog makes a very narrow escape.

See how the much smaller K9 escapes the hungry wolves in the video below:

That was a little too close for comfort! But it’s a solid reminder to always keep pushing, even when the “enemy” is right on your tail.

Paolo’s original post was written in Italian, so here’s the translation of his Facebook post, where he explains how wolf sightings have increased dramatically over the past 3 years:

Until 3 years ago, seeing or photographing wolves was something quite rare. Now, instead, we’re flooded with photos and videos of stationary wolves or walking, but seeing a predation scene doesn’t happen every day. A few months ago I happened to observe a few wolves who were chasing of (but I could not film) and now 3 Young Wolves, less than a year old, trying to maim a little dog, bite for 2 Times. Their little experience and poor bite power were to the benefit of the dog that this time managed to escape by jumping into a network hole. The dog saved and today he was in the fence along with goats and other pets and in those few minutes I watched him killed a hen under the eyes of the owner who didn’t make it in time to save her

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