Throwback Thursday Video: Russian Pike Caught on a Carrot


Forget about Russians meddling in the last election, or Russians cheating/doping in this year’s Winter Olympics. It’s time to look back at one Russian who is clean (as far as we know) and who puts pike ahead of politics.

We’ve said it before – the Internet, and YouTube specifically, is home to some of the strangest content you could ever imagine. Case in point: This Russian fishing program, ХОРОШИЕ ЛЮДИ НА РЫБАЛКЕ, has about 2,200 YouTube subscribers, with more than 6 million views of their 76 videos.

Shown here is a Russian angler who builds a lure for pike from a large carrot. Yes, a carrot.

Initially we thought that the lure would mimic a surface popper during the retrieve, but the carrot/lure sinks slowly, and it comes in much more like a shallow-running, side-to-side glide bait.

We have to admit that it looks pretty good in the water! Here in North America, it’d work for not only northern pike, but perhaps muskies, too. Check out the Throwback Thursday (9 years old!) veggie video below.

Note: Because we don’t speak Russian, we have no idea if the language is suitable for work, but you’re probably safe!

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