Video: Coyote Peterson Visits the Land Down Under to Learn More About the World’s Deadliest Spider Bite


If spiders aren’t your thing, you clicked on the wrong article.

Coyote Peterson is one brave dude, and in his latest YouTube video, he gets up close and personal with a funnel web spider – the deadliest spider on the planet.

According to Australian Geographic, there are 35 different species of funnel web spiders. Australia is home to a good number of them, but only one claims the title of world’s deadliest spider.

Sydney funnel-web spiders (which Coyote believes he’s dealing with above) are known for their extremely toxic venom.

Dr. Robert Raven, curator of arachnids at Queensland Museum, says the arachnid’s venom contains a lethal protein that is responsible for deploying a full onslaught of the nervous system. A bite from a Sydney causes constant firing of the nerves, which leads to many symptoms including rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, breathing difficulty and numbness around the mouth.

Dr. Raven says victims of a Sydney bite usually “know within minutes that they’re going to die or are in deep, deep trouble – death has occurred with funnel webs in 15 minutes.”

In short, if you ever find yourself running through the land down under and come across one of these spiders, keep on running!

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