Video: President Trump Elaborates on Proposal for Gun-Carrying Teachers, Offers Bonuses to Those Able


As the nation comes together to join heads and think up a solution for stopping these brutal school massacres, President Trump asks the people, “should teachers carry guns in classrooms to stop these acts of hate?”

Whether you’re pushing for more gun control or not, we should at least appreciate how the President is gathering everybody together in a public forum to get these conversations started. Many survivors and family members of those lost had their voices heard at a “listening session” yesterday to voice their opinions, suggestions, and concerns with the direction of gun control – and several thought it was a progressive meeting.

During the sit down, President Trump had a suggestion that perked the ears of everybody in the room, as well as everyone else watching online or on live TV.

His suggestion was to allow teachers who are trained with firearms to carry a gun in school so they could better protect students in the event one of these attacks happens again. Trump was immediately blasted for his suggestion, but still stands firm. 

During a roundtable discussion about rethinking gun control and school safety, Trump doubled down on his proposal, and offered bonuses for gun-carrying teachers, should they be willing to accept the responsibility.

Look, he’s not suggesting that every gun owning teacher bring in their deer rifle to hide under their desks; he’s talking about real-deal, skilled marksmen and women who have been trained and are comfortable handling firearms. Moreover, the ideal candidate would have extensive training in live action situations.

“We have to harden our schools, not soften then up,” Trump stated in the video below. “We have to get smart on gun-free zones.”

Here’s the President elaborating on his proposal:

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